Le Walk-In Café

Oct 4

One word: Wonderful !

Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2013 Fashion Show
(Paris Fashion Week - October 2012)

Half-Drag: Find the woman in you" is a wonderful photo project by german photographer David Stöcker. You can see a lot more pictures right there.

Sep 9

Rene Gagnon is an american painter and graffiti artist.Here are a few examples we like about his art. 

Sep 8

Orée, a young french company, decided to create the first wood keyboard.

It’s a trendy, it’s ecological and… it’s bluetooth !

Aug 4

The “Internationale des Feux" in Montreal is one of the biggest fireworks competition of the World! During the month of July, 8 fireworks companies from 8 different countries participate to the competition.

This year, USA won the competition with wonderful Fantasia theme fireworks. Portugal is 2nd and Italy 3rd. Like every year, this competition was one of the most stunning and magical event in Montreal !

Re-sizing the Olympics logo, artist Gustavo Susa represents statistics around the world. Wonderful idea!

Oceania = Blue
Europe = Black
Americas = Red
Africa = Yellow
Asia = Green 

Social networks are everywhere ? True ! Now you can even dress like them !

The blog BForBel gives their selection for girls to wear the colors of your favorite social networks. But where are the boy outfits ?!

A wonderful idea :-)

Moneygami" by Hasegawa Yosuke 

Making art out of money? Why not! Here is money origami… Weird, funny and stunning!

Humanae" by brazilian photographer Angélica Dass

Using Pantone color classification, the artist shows us human skin tones in a great collection of colors. I really love the way it shows that skin tone is just a color, nothing more…

Jul 7

3D Drawings
by japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki 

Nagai Hideyuki started these drawings when he discovered that this kind of 3D drawing in the streets is not legal! There is no special effects, only drawings. Wonderful.